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Welfare Branch, Australian Capital Territory


The Welfare Branch of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) was previously known as the Welfare Section. By 1983 the Welfare Branch was one of three branches of the Community Services Division. The Welfare Branch dealt with the care of families in crisis, adoption and children in out-of-home care. By 1987 the Community Services Division, including the Welfare Branch, was integrated into the ACT Community Health Service.

It is not clear if the Welfare Section had a formal change of name to the Welfare Branch in 1970, but it was referred to as the Welfare Branch by the Commonwealth Government Directories of 1982-1984. Between 1970 and 1987, the Welfare Branch was part of four government departments, as follows: Department of the Interior; Department of the Capital Territory; Department of the Territories and Local Government; and Department of the Territories. The Administrative Arrangements Orders of 24 July 1987 saw the integration of the community services (including welfare) and the health function into the ACT Community Health Service.

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