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Tuggerah Welfare Farm, Chittaway Point


Tuggerah Welfare Farm was established by the Salvation Army around 1954 as a training farm for young men between 15 and 25 years old. In 1959 there were two boys at the farm under the age of 16. Many (though not all) of the residents of the farm were sent there by the Courts following convictions for minor offences. It was located on a 40 acre farm that, at the time of purchase, included a citrus orchard, cows and pigs. Initially the farm had accommodation for up to 10 residents, although there were plans for this to be increased with the construction of chalets. Residents received training in “outdoor vocations”, primarily farm work, for which they sometimes received up to 10/- a week in pocket money. Tuggerah Welfare Farm closed in 1966.

  • Alternative Names

    Salvation Army Youth Welfare Farm

  • From

    c. 1954

  • To



  • c. 1954 - c. 1966

    Tuggerah Welfare Farm was located at Church Road, Chittaway Point, New South Wales (Building Unknown)

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