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The Menzies Home for Boys


The Menzies Home for Boys was the new name given in 1943 to the Minton Boys’ Home. The Menzies Home for Boys was for “neglected” boys under the age of eighteen who had been recommended by the Children’s Welfare Department. The Home was often referred to as ‘The Home on the Hill’. The organisation also ran a hostel for older working boys in William Street, Frankston from 1955. In 1961, the name changed to The Menzies Home for Children.

The Menzies Home for Boys was named in honour of its long-serving president, James Menzies. James Menzies died in 1945, and the presidency was taken over by his son, J.L. Menzies (brother of Prime Minister R.G. Menzies). The name on the gateway to the Home was changed so it now said The Menzies Home for Boys.

In 1948 Mr and Mrs Price became Superintendent and Matron of the Home. Mr Price encouraged boys to participate in the Scouts and Cubs and coined the motto One small improvement every day and one big improvement every week.

In the early 1950’s renovations were completed on the home; a new shower and toilet block was built and the kitchen, dining room and playing field were upgraded.

In 1955 the Home bought a Hostel on William Street, Frankston for the use of boys who had gone to work for the first time but had little family support. A car was also purchased by the home and was shared between the home and the hostel.

In November 1955, the Menzies Home for Boys was declared an approved children’s home under the Children’s Welfare Act 1954.

On 1 March 1956 Ted and Jean Price tendered their resignation as Superintendent and Matron. Mr and Mrs Jupp took over these positions until 1958 when Mr and Mrs Lewis were appointed.

In August 1958 Prime Minister Robert Menzies visited the Home to cut the annual birthday cake. He was given a guard of honour by Cubs and Scouts of the Home and was introduced as the son of the man the Home was named after.

On 16 October 1961 the name of The Menzies Home for Boys became The Menzies Home for Children so that siblings of both sexes would be able to be accommodated in the same Home.

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    Home on the Hill


  • 1943 - 1961

    The Menzies Home for Boys was located at Oliver's Hill, Frankston, Victoria (Building Demolished)

  • 1955 - 1961

    The Menzies Home for Boys ran a hostel on Williams Street, Frankston, Victoria (Building Still standing)



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