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The Haven, North Fitzroy, was established by the Salvation Army in 1897. It had various functions over the years, including a maternity home, foundling hospital, babies’ and toddlers’ home, day care centre and hostel for girls with intellectual disabilities. It closed in 1988.

The Haven was situated at 73-75 Alfred Crescent, North Fitzroy. It was established by the Salvation Army as a ‘Foundling Home and Refuge’ in a substantial private residence in Alfred Crescent, North Fitzroy in 1897. The private home was modified to provide dormitories, a maternity hospital and a nursery. The Haven was then utilised as a maternity home for young mothers from around the State.

In 1932 a two storey hospital and nursing home was erected on the Alfred Crescent site to accommodate infants and toddlers. The Haven operated as a hostel for single mothers, and as a hospital and home for babies and toddlers until the mid 1970s.

The hospital section of The Haven was closed in 1967. Expectant mothers were then taken to the Royal Women’s Hospital for their confinements.

In 1971 a new Babies’ Home was opened at the rear of the older buildings. This consisted of a wing with a reception area, lounge, office for the Sister-in-Charge and a room for newborn babies awaiting adoption and babes up to six months. Another wing comprised four units each for five children.

At this time the Haven Hostel, Babies’ and Toddlers home had accommodation for a maximum of 31 babies and toddlers from birth to three years. The Hostel section was still catering for single mothers whose babies were delivered at the Royal Women’s Hospital, although the numbers had consistently decreased over the previous few years.

In May 1973 the Salvation Army advised the Department that it would be closing the babies’ home in June and establishing a day care centre in its place.

In 1975 the function of the ‘The Haven Centre’ was further changed. Until its final closure in 1988, it operated as a hostel for girls with intellectual disabilities who needed supportive help and care.

The Haven was mentioned in the Commonwealth Contribution to Former Forced Adoption Policies and Practices Inquiry (2012) as an institution that was involved in forced adoption.

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  • Alternative Names

    The Haven Foundling Home and Refuge

    The Haven Maternity Home

    The Haven Hospital and Nursing Home

    The Haven Child Care Centre

    The Haven Hostel for Girls with Intellectual Disabilities


  • 1897 - 1988

    The Haven was located in 73-75 Alfred Crescent, North Fitzroy, Victoria (Building Still standing)


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