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Territory Records Office, Australian Capital Territory


The Territory Records Office is responsible for the production of recordkeeping standards and guidelines, and for the provision of recordkeeping assistance and advice to government agencies in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). It includes Archives ACT, which is responsible for administering public access to the records of the ACT Government. The Territory Records Office was established in 2002, and is part of the Shared Services Human Resources section of the Treasury Directorate in the ACT Government.

The Territory Records Office assists Territory agencies to meet their records management requirements according to the Territory Records Act 2002. It is responsible for regulation and recordkeeping across the ACT Government. The main purposes of the Territory Records Act 2002 are: to encourage open and accountable government by ensuring that Territory records are made, managed, and if appropriate, preserved in accessible form, and to ensure that access to records is consistent with the principles of the Freedom of Information Act 1989.

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