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St Mary's School for the Deaf


St Mary’s School for the Deaf was run by the Dominican Sisters and was situated in Portsea. Formerly, the building had been an Australian Camp Hospital and officers’ convalescent home. It opened in February 1948. In the 1950s, it catered for boys aged 3-10 and girls aged 3-16, all of whom had hearing difficulties. St Mary’s was sold in 1985.

A newspaper article from November 1948 stated that St Mary’s had 38 pupils in residence. It described how the “solid stone building which was the garage of ‘Delgany’ has been converted into five classrooms. In two of these rooms special hearing apparatus has been installed for the use of the pupils” (Advocate, 1948).

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    Portsea School for Deaf Children


    St Mary's Home for the Deaf and Dumb


  • 1948 - 1985

    St Mary's School for the Deaf was located in Delgany Avenue, Portsea, Victoria (Building Still standing)


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