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St Luke's Anglicare Records

To access these records

Please contact the Heritage Services and Redress Manager, Anglicare Victoria:

Postal Address: PO Box 45, Abbotsford VIC 3067

Phone: (03) 9412 6133

Email: redress@anglicarevic.org.au

Website: https://www.anglicarevic.org.au/our-services/former-clients/

Records Location

These records are held by Anglicare Victoria (1997 - current).


St Luke’s Anglicare Records is a collection including the records of children and young people cared for by St Luke’s Anglicare in out-of-home care from 1979.

Access Conditions

Past clients of St Luke’s out of home services can access their records by applying to the Heritage Client Practitioner at Anglicare Victoria. Please mention your name, any other names you may have been using while in care and your date of birth. Identifying information about your parents or brothers and sisters who were also in care is helpful in searching our archives. If you can also provide information about the approximate time you were with St Luke’s and the service you received that would also be helpful.


The St Luke’s Anglicare collection includes the records of children and young people cared for by St Luke’s in out of home care from 1979. The client files vary in size: some are small, and contain only a few sheets of paper in a folder. Others are much larger and contain disks with digital photos, art work and booklets such as maternal and child health care records.

Records for children who lived in the Good Shepherd family group homes prior to St Luke’s taking them over should be with Good Shepherd.

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