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St Barnabas' Boys' Home


St Barnabas’ Boys’ Home, in Newhaven, Phillip Island, was established in 1934. It was formerly known as the Seaside Garden Home for Boys. The Mission of St James and St John took over the Seaside Home following criticism about its conditions, including the death of a boy. St Barnabas’ was adjacent to St Paul’s Training School, also run by the Mission, and both Homes accommodated ‘problem boys’. St Barnabas’ was closed in 1939.

St Barnabas’ Boys’ Home, in Phillip Island, came into being in 1934. Previously, it had been known as the Seaside Garden Home for Boys.

In 1934, the Seaside Garden Home was taken over by the Mission of St James and St John. Seaside Garden was situated adjacent to a training school already run by the Mission, St Paul’s Training School. Like St Paul’s, Seaside Garden was a facility for ‘problem boys’, originally set up as a non-denominational institution.

In 1934, the Charities Board requested the Mission take over its operations following serious criticisms about conditions at the Seaside Home, including the death of one boy in 1933.

When the institution changed hands, the Mission of St James and St John renamed it St Barnabas’ Boys’ Home. About 50 boys from Seaside Garden were discharged, and the Mission took in the remaining 70 boys at St Paul’s.

St Barnabas’ Boys’ Home was soon closed, in 1939, due to financial concerns.

In 1997 the Mission of St James and St John became part of Anglicare Victoria. At this time, records of the Mission were transferred to Anglicare Victoria. These included records of the various orphanages, homes and other residences run by the Mission. The custodian of these records is Anglicare Victoria.

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  • 1934 - 1939

    St Barnabas' Boys' Home was located in Newhaven, Phillip Island, Victoria (Building Demolished)


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