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ParentLink is a community education program that provides parenting information to parents in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and wider region. The ParentLink program was established in 2000, and is based in the Office for Children, Youth and Family Support. It aims to provide easily accessible and up-to-date information about parenting issues and family support systems in the community.

ParentLink was launched in the ACT on the 29th of March 2000 by the Chief Minister. At the time it was part of a larger government-led multimedia campaign to offer greater support to parents and families. The program works in partnership with the community, other government directorates and the business sector, using a strengths-based/solution focused approach through a range of multimedia initiatives.

ParentLink resulted from a qualitative needs analysis conducted among ACT parents in 1999 in order to learn more about what assistance parents felt they needed. Approximately 16 focus groups were consulted, seeking the views of a range of parents in varying circumstances, and with children aged from babies and toddlers to teenagers. The resulting research informed the content, tone, look and message of a parenting campaign and the ParentLink program.

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