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Legacy is a national organisation that was established in 1923 to assist men returned from the Great War and their families. Initially established to improve business prospects for returned soldiers, in 1925 Legacy’s focus became the provision of assistance to the children of deceased servicemen. In the state of Victoria, Melbourne Legacy ran a number of Homes from 1942 until the 1980s.

From around 1942, Melbourne Legacy operated a number of residential homes for children. Its first Homes, Holmbush and Stanhope, were residential hostels for children or young people aged nine years and over attending some form of educational institution, including tertiary institutions.

In 1947, Legacy established a home for younger children in Beaumaris, known as Blamey House. In 1950, another hostel, Harelands, opened in Kew.

Children placed in institutions operated by Legacy were sometimes referred to as ‘repatriation wards’.

According to the guide Finding your story, Legacy holds very little information about the operations of its children’s Homes during the post World War Two period. Former residents and their families can make enquiries to Legacy’s Privacy Officer for information about and access to records.


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