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Melbourne Citymission came into being in 2000, when the organisation changed its name from Melbourne City Mission. The organisation dates back to 1854.

Melbourne Citymission’s website includes an ‘Apology to the Forgotten Australians who were in Melbourne Citymission’s care’ from its Chief Executive Officer.

Melbourne Citymission apologises unreservedly for any harm, distress or hurt that may have occurred to children and young people while in the care of its institutions and other out-of-home care facilities.

The ‘Forgotten Australians’ Senate Inquiry has shown that life in institutional care was often bleak and caused lifelong pain and difficulties for many careleavers.

Melbourne Citymission deeply regrets any abuse, neglect and lack of appropriate care and nurture of children in its care. We accept that some children did not receive the love, nurturing and care to which they were so rightly entitled.

Melbourne Citymission encourages past careleavers who wish to discuss their experience with our services to make contact with us. We are committed to support careleavers to tell their story, recover their history or find supports that may be needed.

Melbourne City Mission’s Heritage Service supports people who have left ‘care’ to gather records and historical material. The Heritage Service has a collection of historical records and memorabilia that can help to provide background and context for the experiences of people who have left care. Melbourne City Mission’s Heritage Service supports people to access their personal records from Homes run by the Mission. Some client records are held by Melbourne City Mission and some are held by the University of Melbourne Archives.

Records relating to adoptions organised by the Mission are held by the Victorian government.


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