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MacKillop Family Services was established in 1997 to continue the services (foster care, residential care and specialised home-based care services) to children, young people and families previously undertaken by the Sisters of Mercy, the Christian Brothers, and the Sisters of St Joseph. It is a provider of services for children, young people and families in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia. MacKillop Family Services has a Heritage and Information Service and hold many records of former Children’s Homes and Orphanages.

MacKillop Family Services’ out-of-home care services provide support and accommodation to children and young people unable to live at home, through residential care, foster care and lead tenant programs. MacKillop Family Services’ Community Programs support vulnerable and disadvantaged children, young people and their families through a range of programs and services including education, disability services, family and community services and family relationship services.

MacKillop Family Services’ Refugee Services works in partnership with local community organisations to provide assistance and support to asylum seekers who are unaccompanied minors. In addition, MacKillop Family Services’ homelessness services in New South Wales support young people who are experiencing, or are at risk of experiencing, homelessness.

Heritage and Information Service

MacKillop Family Services set up its Heritage and Information Service in 1997 to assist former residents and clients of its Victorian founding agencies to access personal information. MacKillop’s Heritage and Information Service also provides advice and support about searching for records relating to any Catholic Home in Victoria.

MacKillop Family Services also holds records relating to institutions in New South Wales and Western Australia.

NOTE: Whilst MacKillop Family Services acts as custodian of all founding agency client files, the files remain the property of the respective congregations (that is, the Sisters of Mercy, the Christian Brothers, the Sisters of St Joseph). MacKillop Family Services is bound by the requirements of state and federal privacy laws and with any guidelines prescribed by the respective congregations.

MacKillop Family Services seeks to act within the recommended access standards of the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Children from their Families (April 1997). Personal assistance is provided with the interpretation of written material.

MacKillop’s Heritage and Information Service offers:

  • searches for records and photographs
  • supported access to records
  • advice about where and how to search for records
  • searches for and reunification with separated family members
  • site visits to MacKillop’s Heritage Display.

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