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Ivanhoe Girls' Hostel


The Ivanhoe Girls’ Hostel, run by the Victorian government, was established around 1965. It provided accommodation for female wards of state from Winlaton

According to the Social Welfare Department’s annual report for 1973, at Ivanhoe Girls’ Hostel:

Girls are encouraged to become increasingly self-reliant in all aspects of living, and are assisted to find private board or other suitable accommodation when they are ready to leave the hostel. The average length of stay varies from 6 to 12 months according to individual needs and progress.

The Ivanhoe Girls’ Hostel was non-functional throughout 1975 due to lack of staff. The Social Welfare Department reported that due to the continuing need for the hostel’s services, ‘providing care and accommodation for female wards from Winlaton’, it would be re-opened as soon as practicable.


  • 1965? - 1993?

    The Ivanhoe Girls' Hostel was situated at 102 Marshall Street, Ivanhoe, Victoria (Building Still standing)

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