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‘Glastonbury at Colac’ was established in 1977 when Glastonbury Children’s Home in Geelong purchased St Cuthbert’s Children’s Home. It operated three family group homes on the site.

The Geelong-based organisation Glastonbury Children’s Home had a longstanding concern for children in Victoria’s Western District. Glastonbury purchased St Cuthbert’s Children’s Home in Colac when it closed in 1977.

Glastonbury decided to demolish the main building ‘Cooraminta’, and to subdivide the land, selling one of the brick veneer houses on the property. The three other family group homes previously operated by St Cuthbert’s were kept and taken over by Glastonbury Children’s Home, and known as ‘Glastonbury at Colac’.

An article from August 1978 stated that after Glastonbury purchased the property, the Cooraminta building was demolished, leaving 4 brick veneer houses, and fourteen acres of land. This land was to be subdivided ‘into residential building blocks, by this means it is anticipated that the Glastonbury Group Homes will be assimilated into a residential environment’ (Hops, Steps and Jumps, August 1978).

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  • 1977 - 1984

    Glastonbury at Colac ran a family group home at 72 Tulloh Road, Elliminyt, Victoria (Building Still standing)

  • 1977 - 1984?

    Glastonbury at Colac ran a family group home at 2 Bucknell Court, Elliminyt, Victoria (Building Still standing)

  • 1977 - 1984

    Glastonbury at Colac was located on the former site of St Cuthbert's Children's Home, Elliminyt, Colac, Victoria (Building Demolished)



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