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Clifden Farm and Try Boys Home


The Clifden Farm and Try Boys Home was a farm training Home for boys at Wedderburn opened by The Try Society in 1923. It had previously been the privately run Clifden Children’s Home. The home had capacity for approximately 25 boys. In 1929 the Clifden Home moved to St. Andrew’s (also referred to as Diamond Creek), and the farm at Wedderburn was sold. In 1938 the Clifden Home at St Andrew’s closed and the remaining boys were transferred to the Melrose Training Farm for Boys at Melrose in the Berwick district.

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    Clifden Home


  • 1923 - 1929

    The Clifden Home was located on the Old Boort Road near Wedderburn, Victoria (Building Demolished)

  • 1929 - 1938

    The Clifden Farm and Try Boys Home was located at St Andrew's North, Victoria (Building Unknown)


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