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Canberra Mothercraft Society


The Canberra Mothercraft Society (CMS) was established in 1926. The CMS is committed to enhancing the capacity of the ACT community to meet the evolving needs of young families. It has introduced to the ACT and surrounding region a range of community services, including home help and playgroups, to help meet the needs of families with young children. CMS managed the Queen Elizabeth II Family Centre (QEII).

The CMS started in 1926 when much of the population of the Australian Capital Territory had little or no support from extended families as they worked to establish the new capital. At the beginning, its main focus was the welfare of babies and mothers, but it has since evolved to include all primary carers of children. CMS manages the Queen Elizabeth II Family Centre, a postnatal and early childhood primary health service which also offers a residential service for families with children up to three years of age.


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