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Bukawert Reformatory School


The Bukawert Reformatory School opened in 1894 near Toora, in the county of Buln Buln, South Gippsland. It was gazetted as a ‘reformatory school for Protestant boys’ in 1894, and was located on the premises of Henry Beresford Sadleir, who was appointed as the Superintendent. It closed in 1899.

The Bukawert Reformatory School was a private reformatory, which attempted to extend to the boys who were sent there the advantages of the boarding out system. The policy intended to ‘strengthen the hand’ of the superintendent by placing as few children as possible in each school, thus enabling him to take an interest in each boy in order to exert a reforming influence.

In 1898 the school moved to another site as a result of a bushfire. At the time three boys were at the school, five were ‘at service’ and two boys were on probation.

The school closed in 1899.

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  • 1894 - 1899

    Bukawert Reformatory School was situated near Toora (South Gippsland), Victoria (Building Unknown)

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