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Berwick House


Berwick House, in Curtin, was established in 1968 and run by Dr Barnardos in Australia. It was a family group home that provided long-term accommodation for 8 to 10 children who were considered unable to live at home. It also housed some boys who were government wards awaiting private foster homes. In 1983, Berwick House was closed and replaced by the Barnardos Children’s Family Centre.

Berwick House was opened on 25 October 1968 by Lord Casey to supplement the organisation’s already-established home in Downer, called Barnardos House.

Berwick House provided long-term accommodation for a further 8-10 children who were thought to have been unable to live at home due to family circumstances. Together the homes could accommodate 23 children at a time. The two Barnardos homes were used in addition to Marymead for the temporary placement of boys who were government wards awaiting private foster homes.

Berwick House was sold in 1984 as a private residence.


  • 1968 - 1983

    Berwick House was situated in James Place, Curtin, Australian Capital Territory (Building Unknown)


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