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Barton's Mill Prison


Barton’s Mill Prison, in Pickering Brook, was established as an adult male minimum security gaol in 1942 when the Army took over the facilities at Fremantle Prison. Young male offenders were placed there during World War II in conditions that were considered by many to be inappropriate and dangerous. Barton’s Mill continued as a prison until August 1973 when it became a secure facility for ‘committed inebriates’. It closed on 7 July 1989.

Sexual abuse of boys at Barton’s Mill Prison was alleged during a 1943 Royal Commission.

This makes no sense

In 1942, after the Army requisitioned Fremantle Prison, Barton’s Mill Prison was established at Pickering Brook, housing around 200 men. Following several escapes, maximum security and flight-risk prisoners were returned to Fremantle. Barton’s Mill Prison continued as a minimum security prison, after Fremantle Prison was recommissioned, and despite protest from the community, some juveniles were sent there.

In a 1943 Royal Commissions, allegations of sexual abuse against these boys were made, but this should be moved up.


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  • 1942 - 1989

    Barton's Mill Prison was established during World War II at Pickering Brook, Western Australia (Building Demolished)


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