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Australian Capital Territory


The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) was formed as an administrative division of Australia in 1901, at the time of Federation. It officially came under the control of the federal government in 1911, after the state of New South Wales formally ceded the land to the federal government. The Parliament of Australia moved to the city of Canberra in 1927. It officially became the Australian Capital Territory in 1938. From 1974, the Territory had a fully-elected House of Assembly, but it was administered by the Federal Parliament until 1989. With self-government, the Legislative Assembly became the seat of government in the ACT. It has responsibility for state/territory functions such as health, education and the administration of justice as well as the local government functions such as roads, libraries and waste collection. From 1915 the ACT also had jurisdiction over the Jervis Bay Territory, including the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community, and legal decisions regarding children and families in this area were made under ACT laws. The Chief Minister is the head of the ACT government.

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