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Adoption of Children Act 1965, Australian Capital Territory


The Adoption of Children Ordinance 1965 (Act no. 15/1965) marked a distinct turning point in adoption law, recognising that the paramount consideration for decisions made should be the welfare and interests of the child concerned. It commenced on 18 October 1966, repealing the Adoption of Children Ordinance 1938. This legislation was also significant because it reflected a view that the relationship between children and birth parents should not be maintained after adoption, leading to restrictions on information. It was repealed by the Adoption Act 1993 (ACT) on 31 July 1993. This ordinance became an ACT Act on 11 May 1989 (see Australian Capital Territory (Self-Government) Act 1988 s 34 (4).

Amended by Act No.41/1974, Act No.5/1979, Act No.42/1983, Act No.4/1988, and Act No.71/1991.

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