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Acheron Youth Training Centre


Acheron Youth Training Centre at Buxton was established in the mid 1960s as a facility for young people in Victoria’s youth training centres, particularly Turana.

Acheron provided ‘adventure camp facilities’ and other training programs and a 350 acre minimum-security camp near Buxton. Approximately 300 ‘trainees’ a year went to Acheron in work groups. These trainees received instruction in building and grounds work as part of their treatment program. An additional 1500 trainees a year attended adventure camps at Acheron. From 1970, girls from Winlaton were also using the camp.

In 2003, Acheron was part of the Melbourne Juvenile Justice Centre, providing an ‘alternative custodial option’ for young men aged 17-21.

  • From

    c. 1966

  • To


  • Alternative Names

    Acheron Bush Camp


  • c. 1966 - 2008

    Acheron Youth Training Centre was located at Dyes Lane, Buxton, Victoria (Building Unknown)


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