Visualising #blogjune

Rather than complete a traditional written summary of our #blogjune posts, I have visualised some of the interesting things from the month.

During #blogjune the diversity of our authors and our posts increased and this first visualisation shows the amount of blog posts written by guest authors in comparison to authors from the Find & Connect web resource. It also shows how many authors were in each group (if you hover over a section).

It was fantastic to have contributions from such a range of people. Over 40% of the posts were written by guest authors which meant we got to read about personal experiences, current research being undertaken and inter-state events that would otherwise not have been captured on the blog.

The following chart displays the authors by how many blog posts they wrote and also shows the number of blog posts written and the titles of those posts (when a section is hovered over).

As a result of having more authors we have also been able to cover more topics. This graph displays the tags used to categorise posts during #blogjune by the frequency of their use. You can also interact with the graph to see which tags were used for any particular post.

#blogjune was the only tag relevant to every post but the graph shows us that during the month there was a stronger focus on posts related to archives and records by the various authors. The majority of the tags were used more than once during the month, with an average of 3 tags being applied per post.

This final visualisation shows the average views of posts by the tags attached to them. So posts with the tag ‘trauma’ received, on average, the most views, while the post with #archivescake the least.

Again I would like to say thank you to all our #blogjune contributors. Our blog reached a wider audience and encouraged people to view more posts than ever before, we covered more topics and received more comments than in any previous month. We hope it encourages more people to write a post for the blog in the future and everyone to go back and read the posts they haven’t yet had a chance to look at (perhaps by using the tag or author of most interest to you!)