Usability Testing - There's Still Time

Thanks to everybody who has already participated in usability testing of the upgraded site. At the half-way point after opening a fortnight ago, the response from participants has been overwhelmingly positive. The feedback we’ve received is informing how we make the design even easier to navigate, and provides a better understanding of how users engage with site content.

If testing fell off your list over the Easter break, you’ve still got time – it won’t take long, there’s only seven questions that will inform us of how easily you can access specific content. It’s a great opportunity to find out what works (or doesn’t) for you, and make adjustments to the design accordingly.

If you use the site regularly, intermittently, rarely or even not at all, your feedback is important to us. Shared difficulties or similar suggestions from diverse user groups demonstrate areas that may need more work. Similar issues from regular users can highlight where we may need to direct training for those experiencing difficulty navigating a new site. Feedback from people unfamiliar with the site provides an insight into how new users may approach finding information, and how we can make things easier for them.

If you haven’t already, please take 10 minutes out of your day to see the upgraded design & provide your feedback here: