Usability Feedback

  • May 26, 2023
  • In News

Thanks to everyone who took the time to test the website earlier this year. Alongside usability testing with experienced users, we engaged a group that had no previous experience with Find & Connect, to provide a broad picture of how existing and new users navigate the site, and showing the different issues encountered by both groups.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with both groups finding the site intuitive, easy to search, and very high rates of users reporting ease in finding the content in the survey questions.

There were some issues that were raised by both groups, such as difficulty searching for photos, and with search filters. Others that were specific to each group – current users had more difficulty navigating the front page but almost all knew to use the map to find homes with scant information; new users had more difficulty understanding the map. 

We also found that some current users tried to use the site in the same way they have always used, and experienced frustration at moving from a familiar platform to an unfamiliar one. There will be an overlap before the redesigned site goes public to give users time to become familiar with the new design, and training available for support services that need it.

Our work on the site continues as we implement the changes that will make easier to navigate, and iron out some of the issues that usability testing exposed. Watch this space for more updates, we will be testing the updated design soon!