Recording RAD 2019

Following the success of the RAD2 grants, another round of RAD (Records Access Documentation) grants were run over 2019.

Projects were again chosen based on the extent to which they would improve access to records for people who were in ‘care’ from the 1920’s to the 1980’s. This included making additional records available, improving the organisations’ records access process, and significantly reducing the time from request to providing records.

Congratulations to all the successful organisations on what has been achieved in the RAD funding round, particularly to those who surpassed their goals and were able to improve the way access to records is provided.

A requirement of the funding round was participation in a workshop on the importance of records to people who were in care, and best practice records access. This workshop resulted in organisation-wide policy changes to improve records access for Care Leavers.

You can see some of the achievements of the RAD grant projects below.

Records Access After RAD