More Than a Story: Care Leavers’ Histories of Childhood

There are many reasons people who spent time in out of home care seek out their records, from administrative (proof of identity for licenses, passports & other official documents) to the deep longing for a sense of identity that comes from knowing who we are, where we’re from, where we belong and what has happened to us along the way.

For children who grew up without family, and often without love or care, understanding how they came to be separated from their guardians can be all encompassing. For those who never knew their parents, discovering a mother’s name, or the existence of siblings is incredibly significant.

In this webinar given as part of the University of Tasmania’s More Than a Story series, Cate O’Neill from the Find & Connect web resource, and Frank Golding OAM – Federation University, Care Leaver advocate, speak on how family history presents many challenges for children who grew up in out-of-home care and their relatives but is a crucial step towards justice and recognition, and the problematic nature of care records and access to them.