How good is Find & Connect?

  • Mar 8, 2019
  • In News

The Find & Connect site was first published in 2011. Since then it has expanded significantly. Institutions have been added, photographs included, and older information updated.

We have people who were in out-of-home-care as children to thank for the site remaining up to date, and also for the sheer volume of information it contains. Find and Connect is the only site of its kind in the world, and since it first went live there has been international interest in replicating it for those who experienced institutional “care” in other countries.

As the site has grown, so has the audience. All these updates and additions and changes mean it’s time to make sure that everyone who needs the site can access the information they’re searching for.

To determine how well the site is functioning for its users, and what changes need to be made to ensure it remains efficient and easy to use, starting today, we’re carrying out usability testing.

If you have time, and it won’t take long, please go to this link in either a Chrome or Firefox browser. There are five tasks to complete that will help us understand how the site is being used, and where we can make it easier to navigate.

If you volunteered to test the site as part of the site survey we undertook last year, thank you. You’ll hear from us directly in the next week or so.

Usability testing will remain open for two months. We hope to hear from all of you so we can continue to make the site faster, better and easier to use.

Use this 10 minutes to improve the Find & Connect site. There’s only five questions:

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