Better looking, better searching - site updates

We are working on improving access to, and information about, the images included on our site. Here are a few of the things we are doing to make these changes:

  • No longer will you open images that are way too big! Images are being resized so that you can see the whole image as soon as you open it.
Previous overly zoomed image, can only see tiny part of image
Previous overly zoomed image
New and improved image size, meaning you can see most of the picture when opened
Improved image size







  • Source information is being included and improved on images so you always know where we got the images from.
  • Clear rights and copyright information is being added to all photographs. If we aren’t sure of the exact use terms we are making that clear too.
  • Under Archival reference you will be able to find any relevant clearly identified image numbers, IDs or codes to help you find the information in the library or archive the image comes from.
Previous image details
Previous image details
New improved image details
New improved image details







  • Dates are being made as accurate as possible. If we don’t know when the photo was taken, our best guess has been added and the description will include the phrase ‘This photo is undated, the date included is an estimate.’
  • Want to know who took the photo? If we can find the name, we are including the photographer in the Creator field.
Previously no date nor creator listed
Previously no date nor creator listed
Updated information includes estimated date and known photographer









Along with these changes, some of the actual images on the site are being changed. We are taking away images of people that funded Homes and putting in more images of the buildings and children that were in the Homes. This work is being done to continue to make the site more relevant and useful to you.


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